Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I'm still trying to recover from the pinched nerve from the accident I was in a few weeks ago. I'm in much less pain than I was and am slowly getting back to my "regular" routine in the gym, but I've still got some tingling down my arm and into my palm when I move certain ways. I would love, love, love to get back to P90X, but I know that if I push myself too much, I will have more problems in the long-term. I just wanted to update you all so you don't think I've disappeared! :)

Hope everyone is doing well...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the way back to the top

I worked out tonight for the second time since the accident, and it went surprisingly well. I had to take a break around the half-mile mark when I was running because my shoulder started to tense up pretty badly, but I started back up and made it to 1.2 miles. I took another break for a tenth of a mile and finished at the 2-mile mark. Other than the breaks for some tense muscles and a little bit of pain, it went well.

I also tried a couple of workouts for my lats and shoulders. I only did 30 pounds on the lat pull-down machine, which was a piece of cake. I don't think it really did much, but I've got to start somewhere. I used 20 pounds on the shoulder machine because it had a little more resistance and targeted one of the main areas that was injured. I wanted to take it really slow with that area because getting back up to speed too quickly can definitely hurt you in the long-run.

Just wanted to write this quick update... I'm on the way back to where I was, and I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's going to be longer than 1 week...unfortunately

I'd originally thought that I would only be out for one week for my injury from the car accident. Well, I though wrong.

Before today, I hadn't been able to work out since the night of the accident. My shoulder, neck, and back have been so sore that I really haven't been able to do too much. I decided, though, that I had to start back exercising tonight, so I went to my local gym to try it out. It was kind of odd to be there because so much has changed since I started P90X. Anyway, though, I made a B-line to the treadmill to run as long as I could.

My original goal was to do at least 2 miles, but I barely made it to 1 mile. My shoulder was bothering me so badly that I almost didn't even make it to the .90 mile mark, but I kept going anyway. I think I drank too much water after I stopped running because I felt like I was going to throw up. It could have been a combination of the water and my shoulder aching, too. Who knows?

So now, my focus has shifted from starting back P90X pronto to working myself back up to P90X status. I've got to get my strength back in my shoulder, neck, and back before I can start the program again or I'd end up hurting myself even worsea and would be out longer. Not a good thing when I'm trying to get fit!

In the mean time, though, I'm going to post helpful articles on fitness, weight loss, and exercise information. Hopefully it will help all of us reach our goals! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Minor setback... well, for 1 week

Well, I had to go to my chiropractor (big thanks Dr. Alonzo Borja in Buford!) today to get my neck/shoulder/back checked out. I've got to stay off of the P90X workouts for 1 week to let myself heal and get appropriate treatment during that time. I really hate that this setback has occurred, but everything happens for a reason. I'm going to be sure to "bring it" big time when I start back next Wednesday, though. I'm going to pick up where I left off and get back on track at that point. Hopefully after this injury, I won't have anymore... at least for a long time!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 23: An Unexpected Happening

Well, this week has been full of unexpected happenings... Having to wear my glasses makes me feel like I'm super tired, but that's not the major event that kind of put a kink in my plans.

I was rear-ended today when I was heading home from work. Joy.

It wasn't bad (thank the Good Lord), but it still was a hassle. I was sitting on the off ramp from the interstate waiting to turn left, and this guy hit me from behind. It didn't really do much damage, but it popped out this plastic piece on my car and broke a couple of plastic pieces. It bent my bumper, too, but I've still got to get it checked out just to make sure that nothing else is wrong with it, though. That's a pretty tough Equinox, and I'm glad that the bumper and safety system actually did it's job. Anyway, though, I was looking left when the jolt came, so my neck/back/shoulder will probably be sore tomorrow. My neck feels a little tight, but I'm just going to hope that will be the worst of it. I just hope that this doesn't interfere too much with my 90 days...

I couldn't really eat much tonight because A) it was almost 100 degrees outside and we'd been standing out there for a little while (the cops took 30 minutes to get there... ridiculous!) and B) the accident kind of screwed up my appetite. I'm sitting here trying to drink my Recovery drink, but it's just not jiving with me right now either.

Anyway, though, I had my first experience with the Core Synergistics session. It was pretty awesome, and I was pleased with the workout. I didn't do all of the workouts because my shoulder area was feeling kind of weird, but the other workouts were really cool. I liked the Superman-Banana workout. I'm not gonna lie - I laughed out loud when Tony was like, "Superman! Banana! Superman! Banana!" really fast. It was hilarious!

So, here's my workout data from my HRM:

Total Time: 58.20
Calories Burned: 402.95
Fat: 60%
Maximum BPM: 171
Average BPM: 134

That's pretty good considering I didn't go 100% tonight. Tomorrow is Kenpo (suh-weet!), so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Let's just hope I'm not sore from the accident so I can actually do the entire exercise!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 22: Tired but accomplished

Today has been a tiring day. Let me just start off by saying that I went to my optometrist this morning and found out that I can't wear my contacts for almost a week because of an eye allergy. The allergy has caused my left eye to be super dooper dry, so it's glasses for me right now. I really don't mind wearing my glasses because they're pretty awesome, but they make my eyes really tired... especially since I haven't worn them in quite some time. My eyes being tired makes my body think it's tired, too, so I really had to push it to get through Yoga X tonight.

I will say, though, that tonight's Yoga X session was one of my best sessions to date. I actually got through the Crane for 10 seconds! It was awesome! When I realized I actually was doing the crane, I lost my balance, but at least I got that far. That's such an improvement from just staring at the television thinking, "There's no way..."

This week is the fourth week in my series, which means that I'm starting a new rotation. I get to do Yoga X twice (yaay...not.), Kenpo, Core Synergistics twice, and X Stretch. Then, it will be on to another set for 3 weeks or so. I love muscle confusion!

Here's my HRM info for tonight's workout:

Total Time: 1.27.24
Calories Burned: 402.74
Fat: 60% (still confused by this one)
Maximum BPM: 222 (that number is so not right...)
Average BPM: 107

I think my calories burned for tonight's workout was slightly more than my previous Yoga X sessions. I really pushed myself since I felt like I was tired, but I'm definitely going to keep working at this level of intensity and keep pushing myself more and more every day. I'm still eating a lot of fruit, one protein bar per day, and one Recovery drink per day. I'm running low on my Recovery drink, so I hope the refill comes in pretty quickly.

Later taters - talk to y'all tomorrow!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 3 Review: VERY pleased

So, I'm super pumped...

I've lost a TOTAl of 6 INCHES all over my body!

I'm very pleased with this workout system and the nutritional guide. Also, talking to other P90X-ers and people who are simply trying to start working out regularly keeps me consistently motivated.

This week was great because I got back into the rhythm of things. I didn't really lose any weight, but obviously my fat is decreasing steadily. That's exactly what I want... even if I don't get to my weight goal. As long as my body fat percentage is small, I'll be happy.

On to week 4! This week is the "resting" period, so we shall see how it goes.