Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 19: My favorite weights workout

I've come to the realization that the legs and back workout is by far my favorite. I love the fact that the only duplication is with the pull-ups, which keeps the entire hour workout really interesting. It also keeps me majorly motivated because I see that everyone in the video is doing a high number of reps. I can't be outdone by those people (even if they are P90X graduates)!

Today's been kind of a "lazy" day for me. I got off work at noon (every Friday is like that during the summer) and just chilled out until dinner. It was really relaxing to just sit down and process this week's craziness and do my favorite workout after dinner.

Here's my HRM info for the workout tonight:

Total Time: 1.17.24
Calories Burned: 519.62
Fat: 60%
Maximum BPM: 167
Average BPM: 133

I love seeing high numbers for my calories burned! It continues to motivate me when I see my hard work paying off with these numbers. I hope everyone else has the same luck during this process, too! :)

Have a awesome night!

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