Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 22: Tired but accomplished

Today has been a tiring day. Let me just start off by saying that I went to my optometrist this morning and found out that I can't wear my contacts for almost a week because of an eye allergy. The allergy has caused my left eye to be super dooper dry, so it's glasses for me right now. I really don't mind wearing my glasses because they're pretty awesome, but they make my eyes really tired... especially since I haven't worn them in quite some time. My eyes being tired makes my body think it's tired, too, so I really had to push it to get through Yoga X tonight.

I will say, though, that tonight's Yoga X session was one of my best sessions to date. I actually got through the Crane for 10 seconds! It was awesome! When I realized I actually was doing the crane, I lost my balance, but at least I got that far. That's such an improvement from just staring at the television thinking, "There's no way..."

This week is the fourth week in my series, which means that I'm starting a new rotation. I get to do Yoga X twice (yaay...not.), Kenpo, Core Synergistics twice, and X Stretch. Then, it will be on to another set for 3 weeks or so. I love muscle confusion!

Here's my HRM info for tonight's workout:

Total Time: 1.27.24
Calories Burned: 402.74
Fat: 60% (still confused by this one)
Maximum BPM: 222 (that number is so not right...)
Average BPM: 107

I think my calories burned for tonight's workout was slightly more than my previous Yoga X sessions. I really pushed myself since I felt like I was tired, but I'm definitely going to keep working at this level of intensity and keep pushing myself more and more every day. I'm still eating a lot of fruit, one protein bar per day, and one Recovery drink per day. I'm running low on my Recovery drink, so I hope the refill comes in pretty quickly.

Later taters - talk to y'all tomorrow!

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