Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 23: An Unexpected Happening

Well, this week has been full of unexpected happenings... Having to wear my glasses makes me feel like I'm super tired, but that's not the major event that kind of put a kink in my plans.

I was rear-ended today when I was heading home from work. Joy.

It wasn't bad (thank the Good Lord), but it still was a hassle. I was sitting on the off ramp from the interstate waiting to turn left, and this guy hit me from behind. It didn't really do much damage, but it popped out this plastic piece on my car and broke a couple of plastic pieces. It bent my bumper, too, but I've still got to get it checked out just to make sure that nothing else is wrong with it, though. That's a pretty tough Equinox, and I'm glad that the bumper and safety system actually did it's job. Anyway, though, I was looking left when the jolt came, so my neck/back/shoulder will probably be sore tomorrow. My neck feels a little tight, but I'm just going to hope that will be the worst of it. I just hope that this doesn't interfere too much with my 90 days...

I couldn't really eat much tonight because A) it was almost 100 degrees outside and we'd been standing out there for a little while (the cops took 30 minutes to get there... ridiculous!) and B) the accident kind of screwed up my appetite. I'm sitting here trying to drink my Recovery drink, but it's just not jiving with me right now either.

Anyway, though, I had my first experience with the Core Synergistics session. It was pretty awesome, and I was pleased with the workout. I didn't do all of the workouts because my shoulder area was feeling kind of weird, but the other workouts were really cool. I liked the Superman-Banana workout. I'm not gonna lie - I laughed out loud when Tony was like, "Superman! Banana! Superman! Banana!" really fast. It was hilarious!

So, here's my workout data from my HRM:

Total Time: 58.20
Calories Burned: 402.95
Fat: 60%
Maximum BPM: 171
Average BPM: 134

That's pretty good considering I didn't go 100% tonight. Tomorrow is Kenpo (suh-weet!), so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Let's just hope I'm not sore from the accident so I can actually do the entire exercise!

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