Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4: Who knew yoga was this crazy?

I finished my first interaction with Yoga X tonight. Geez, that was long... and it was difficult! I didn't really think that yoga would be this crazy, but it definitely was. I feel like I've mastered the "down dog" position because it's like every other pose, it seems. I had some difficulty with some of the poses because I'm not too flexible, and I'm surely not where I used to be when I was a competition cheerleader. I could do the backbend/wheel pose for forever... not anymore! I guess that will be a good way to gauge my progress in yoga for the next 3 months.

I was right on track with my nutrition guide today. Wahoo for that! I had to do a bit of improv for lunch today, though. I fixed the SmartOnes Beef Stew plate today, tried it, and spit it back out. Can we say disgusting? I will never buy that stuff again, and I definitely wouldn't recommend you to buy it either. All of the other plates are great, but the Beef Stew just didn't cut it.

Here's my heart monitor info:

Total Time: 1.33.04
Calories Burned: 443.07
Fat: 60%
Maximum BPM: 151
Average BPM: 111

As it should be, my heart rate was significantly lower during this exercise. Yoga is strenuous, but it's on a completely different level than Plyometrics. It has more holding exercises as opposed to bouncing around.

Anywhoo, I'm headed to bed to get those 8-8.5 important hours of rest. Have a great night everyone!


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