Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6: The intensity is catching up

Boy, I'm glad that I've got a "rest" day tomorrow. I'm super tired because of the intense workout this morning (it was a Kenpo X day), along with going to a wakeboarding competition. Being out in the sun for long periods of time tends to drain your energy, so that's probably a large contributing factor.

My calves and glutes are really sore today. I feel like I'm walking like a duck because I'm so sore. Once I gain momentum, it isn't so bad... but the beginning few steps are pretty killer. It's so worth it, though.

Here's my heart rate monitor info for the day:

Total Time: 1.00.18
Calories Burned: 455.94
Fat: 60%
Maximum BPM: 168
Average BPM: 140

That's a lot of calories burned for just one hour! Kenpo is really an awesome workout, but here's a word to the wise: don't think it's a piece of cake because it definitely isn't. I started out the workout with 2 lb wrist weights, and they were off by about the 6th move. I definitely underestimated the workout's level of difficulty, but I know now that I've got to work my way up to that point. It's my favorite workout, though, so I'm sure I won't have too much trouble getting motivated for this one!

Well, it's bedtime, but I'll talk to y'all again soon!


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