Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1 complete!

One word describes today's workout: intense.

I really wasn't expecting there to be so many pull-ups or push-ups in the Chest and Back workout, but that's what I need. I have a lot of lower body strength and random upper body strength, but not in the shoulder or back areas. This program is going to be awesome.

I stuck to part of the nutrition guide today, but I'm going to follow it better after tomorrow. I don't really have all of the required food that I need (bad planning on my part, I know...but what can you do when you've been out of town the whole weekend? Wait, no excuses, no excuses), but I'm going to go to the grocery store either tomorrow night or Wednesday night to get everything. I've got the veggies covered, along with the protein powder and snacks, so I'm almost there!

I will say, though, that I quit cold turkey for sweet tea (moving to unsweetened tea), carbonation, ice cream, and coffee. The lack of caffeine affected me today, and I had to make some tea to help with the withdrawal headache. That's going to be one of the roughest parts, but once I'm used to not having any of those things, it will be smooth sailing from there on.

So, in order to keep up with my fitness progress, I'm going to post my workout data from my heart rate monitor. Here goes nothing:

Total Time: 1.19.54
Calories Burned: 544.87
Fat: 60% (not really sure what this means... I need to research)
Maximum BPM: 172
Average BPM: 152

I had the recovery drink after my workout, so I'm hoping it will help with my muscle soreness. I can tell this workout completely wore me out, so I'm going to head to bed to get some much-needed rest.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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